Logo, Packaging & Custom Font

A complete Identity System for a new healthy food company which works directly with the farmers to create eco-friendly farms and produces quality food products for its consumers.

We decided to keep the main wordmark fairly simple. The exit stroke of 'e' going beyond its form to connect to the 'o' acts as a subtle hint towards the core belief of the brand of going beyond.

Their initial packaging design featured the product name in bold cutout type. So I used the same motive to drive the packaging design. I gave the the design a little makeover and created a complete font for their packaging and promotional needs

The custom type treatment acts as an instant identifier for the product and the brand therefore helping in easier brand visibility both in physical form or digital.


Client : Sirisamashti Krushi Pvt. Ltd.

Logo & Ideation : Shravan Gubbi


Logo & Identity Design